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Bab Al-Zawiya Square, Hebron - Palestine


Explore Palestine with Ghassan Tours

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Ghassan Tours is dedicated to providing the traditional Palestinian hospitality to all visitors of the Holy Land. We paint an accurate and realistic picture of life in Palestine while diving deep into the beauty of our culture and traditions.

We think it is absolutely critical to host international travels in Palestine so people can see, learn, and share our experiences with the world. Your cultural experience, enjoyment, and safety is our top priority. 

Come visit Palestine.


Our Tours

Hebron. Bethlehem. Jericho & Dead Sea.

Ghassan Tours offers you a privately guided experience of the most famous spots in the south of Palestine. Our trips guarantee a reality-driven experience, while delivering a truly knowledgeable and authentic cultural feel. 

Visit Palestine. See the reality. Learn from locals. Share our story.

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Hebron Cultural Tour

100 ILS

Experience the history, culture and political situation of Hebron's Old City. Walk through the "ghost town" and the occupation first hand. Talk to locals and learn from their stories. Get a true taste of Khalili culture.


Bethlehem Half Day Tour

200 ILS

Visit Bethlehem, its beautiful Old City, the Church of Nativity, the Chapel of the Milk Grotto, the Aida refugee camp, see the separation wall and Banksy's graffiti.


Jericho & Dead Sea

250 ILS

Spend a full day on the beach of the famous dead sea. Float in the salty water and scrub yourself with its magical mud. Experience desert life and walk through the city of Jericho. Enjoy private transporation.


"Amazing tour guide and one of the best tours I have taken on my travels! Highly recommended!"


"Definitely the best tour guide of Hebron!!!"



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